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A Data Migration processor to load values from Terraform outputs.



The Terraform processor accepts the following parameters as part of its configuration:

Name Type Required Description
filename string Yes Path to a terraform output file
output string Yes The name of the terraform output to return

Sample Configuration

import DynamoDbDriver from "dm-driver-dynamodb";
import TerraformProcessor from "dm-processor-terraform";

export default {
  defaultStage: "prod",
  migrationDirectory: "migrations",
  stages: {
    prod: {
      defaultParams: {
        region: "us-east-1",
      drivers: {
        users: {
          driver: DynamoDbDriver,
          params: {
            TableName: {
              // Use this processor to get values from CloudFormation
              processor: TerraformProcessor,
              params: {
                filename: "some_output_file.terraform.json",
                output: "SomeOutputName",